Recent Programmes

We at KASSSI are always looking at new and innovative – as well as the tried and tested – ways of fund raising, but in so doing, we aim to instill a sense of collaboration and community spirit into each and every endeavour.

Our most recent programme is the Bird Box Appeal, where individually designed bird boxes have been made by the girls at Wallington High School, Wallington, Surrey as part of their Design & Technology (DT) curriculum. We are extremely grateful to the girls for their involvement in this programme and their willingness to contribute their time and effort towards helping others.



Previous initiatives have included the ‘Your Change Will Make A Change‘ campaign where donors are asked to collect any spare pennies or loose change they have around the house, and consider donating to our cause. This initiative is an ‘on-going’ drive for fund raising, and is not only underway in the UK: in the spirit of ‘A Hand Up, Not A Hand Out’, the KASSSI Team in Jamaica (JAMATE) have also involved the local community in this drive to help them, help themselves.



An annual favourite is the KASSSI Football Tournament which is run to raise awareness of our cause, but as serves as a fantastic day out for all the family, and of course female – or even mixed teams – are welcome too! This yearly gathering has been as huge success in the past and will certainly be one of the KASSSI perennials for years to come.

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