Making Donations

KASSSI intends to keep fundraising and administrative costs to a minimum. We guarantee that the majority of our fund raising efforts will go directly to supporting initiatives, projects and families within our targeted areas.

Accountability: We aim to have specific processes to deliver accountability to those who support KASSSI. This will involve the delivery of regular reports to a timetable particularly where this is negotiated with funders/donors. Our work is carried out by local volunteers who are in tune with the issues affecting their communities. As a consequence, our development and humanitarian involvement is well respected in Jamaica and England. As an independent charity, KASSSI does not align itself to any political or religious movement.

Transparency: KASSSI is working towards greater transparency and information-sharing as we believe this is a major key to ensuring maximum impact. Furthermore, we would also welcome more stakeholder participation, evaluation and decision-making. We are also exploring mechanisms for registering complaints.

Key stakeholders include the individuals and communities with whom we work; partners and friends of KASSSI; donors and supporters; the wider public; and regulatory bodies in the UK – Charity Commission – and in Jamaica as appropriate. We aim to publish extensive information about our work, including publications on our website and in our local online magazine in Jamaica –

How donations flow to communities

At KASSSI, we are acutely aware that your decision to donate is not taken lightly. We very much value EVERY contribution and strive to ensure that your funds are spent judiciously and wisely. JAMATE along with local community bodies and the UK Committee, decide which programs or initiatives are deserving of funding or support. These charity initiatives or drives will all be chronicled in our ‘Charity News’ section.

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