Health Awareness Day

KASSSI’s 5th Health Awareness Day is fast approaching……

This is a family and Community affair, where professionals and clinicians share vital information on how best to prevent, detect, manage or address health care issues.

Date: Thursday 12th February 2015     Place: New Hope Primary School, White House, Westmoreland, Jamaica.

Time: 10- 3pm (10:00hrs- 15:00hrs)   Entry: Free.

What’s on: Specialists from The Westmoreland Health Department will once again be present to discuss the importance of early diagnosis of cancer, diabetes, drug & alcohol misuse and fibroids etc.

doctor - health awareness day

Counsellors, a dietician and a nutritionist will also be in attendance, addressing issues such as Healthy Eating/Living, Sexual Awareness, the use of condom and HIV… AND making the necessary referrals on to GPs and specialists etc. Some condoms will be available, free or charge, at the end of the day… “Ride-em-Safe” the Chemist based in Whitehouse Square also provides these!

    Written information will also be available to be taken away.

We are anticipating additional input from The Westmoreland Health Department by way of blood pressure /sugar, cholesterol and hypertension testing.

Education & Finance: Representatives from the Education Department and from the Financial Sector have agreed to be there.

Dentist: A Dental Practitioner and Hygienist have kindly volunteered to give up their time to offer information on the day for 2 Hours (11- 1pm).

Optician: An Optician will be on hand offering free eye tests between 1-3pm).

Health Visitor/ Nurse: Is available for questions and answers session and to discuss specifically… Teen Pregnancy and healthy relationships etc…

Alternative and Cultural Practitioners: Any health professionals or proprietors of health products, or lifestyle who wish to be involved to show/sell their products, please call or text Rob 375-3150 Or Sadie 855-7824

Children: There will be a Bouncy Castle, which will be monitored by adults at all times to ensure safety… additionally, there will be SOME BASIC refreshment offered free to children… such as a drink and a slice of cake.

Refreshments: Other refreshment will be available for purchase… Would be Vendors are asked to contact Sadie 855-7824 or Rob 375-3150, in this regard.

Community Support: This Event is supported by the Social Development Committee (SDC); Returning Residents’ Association (RRA); Department of Health (DoH) and “Ride-Em-Safe” the Chemist.

This is a FREE health check, and remember…. “Prevention is better than Cure!”

Written by

Garth Walcott is the Chief Executive Officer of KASSSI, UK.