Breakfast Clubs

Every school day, we provide free, nutritious breakfast meals to over 100 children in 3 primary schools in rural Jamaica. Why do we do this?

Because in each of these schools, many children arrive too hungry to stay awake, and too tired to concentrate or learn.
Breakfast is commonly viewed as the most important meal of the day. A hungry child is more likely to be lethargic, distracted or disruptive in the classroom. Ensuring that every child starts the day with at least a modest breakfast, fuels learning, increases attendance and attainment and is something that KASSSI understands all too well.

Given that some children may have had to walk many miles before they even reach the school gates, a wholesome meal can be the difference between a day of hunger pangs, or a productive and stimulating, learning experience.

There are many reasons why a child may not have breakfast in the morning, with financial hardship, unemployment, or a simple lack of nutritional awareness being amongst the most common. Our Breakfast Clubs are designed to be grassroots, community-led programmes where members of the local community contribute their time, effort and resources towards sustaining children and our future generation.

If you were ever in any doubt about the benefits of a healthy and nutritious meal for children at the start of the school day, please read Janice Bowes-Wellington’s (Principal, Petersville All Age School) Progress Report for 2014.

Petersville School Breakfast Report 2014

The Petersville School – Progress Report 2014 can be also be viewed by clicking this link.

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