The KASSSI Committee

The KASSSI Committee structure is comprised of two teams working in tandem towards a common goal – namely the betterment of the Jamaican peoples’ lives.

JAMATE, the Jamaican Management Team,  is the regional body that oversees the support and development initiatives ‘on the ground’ in the Westmoreland parish of Jamaica.

The team consists of Sadie Hensell-Walcott who is the Lead Co-ordinator; Rob Walcott who is the charity’s Treasurer; and Kenneth Hensell who is the parish Liaison Officer.

The second string to this bow is the UK Team who co-ordinate the charity’s fund raising activities and liaise with the UK’s Regulatory Commission for the charity’s continued registration,  finances and governance. The UK Team is headed by Garth Walcott as the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) for KASSSI. Garth is supported in this role by Denise Walcott who is the charity’s secretary; and lastly but not least, Ben Walcott who is the charity’s website adminstrator.

Committee Members