The Jamaican Management Team – JAMATE

Out of Many, One People

The Jamaican Management Team – JAMATE, is KASSSI’s local organisational body that oversees the support and development initiatives ‘on the ground’ in the Westmoreland parish of Jamaica. The work of JAMATE covers three main areas: Health, Social Welfare and Education; in order to enable greater independence and empowerment, thereby enhancing security, confidence and a better quality of life for the parish community. JAMATE aims to improve outcomes for financially and emotionally disadvantaged children, families and communities, starting in Petersville, Westmoreland, Jamaica, W.I.

The team in Jamaica consists of Sadie Hensell-Walcott who is the Lead Co-ordinator; Rob Walcott who is the charity’s Treasurer; and Kenneth Hensell who is the parish Liaison Officer.

Recent Programmes

JAMATE aims to adopt a holistic approach towards the empowerment and development of the community. We seek to support families, as well as children and our range of programmes outlined below, demonstrate our endeavour.

Areas of support

The Parish of  Westmoreland

Westmoreland, an outgrowth of St. Elizabeth, was created in 1703 and it is felt that the parish was so named because of its location. The present capital, Savanna-La-Mar, ‘the plain by the sea’, was founded in 1730, after Queens Town, presently called Bambury, was dethroned. Savanna-La-Mar’s development has been one tainted with many disasters. In 1748, just 18 years after the town was founded, Savanna-La-Mar was destroyed by a hurricane. By 1790, tidal waves in conjunction with a hurricane, once again destroyed the town. The defiant spirit of the people of Savanna-La-Mar made them rebuild the town.

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Present day Bluefields, a sea coast town, is believed to have been the site of the township of Oristan, one of the three major towns established by the Spanish soon after their arrival in Jamaica, possibly as early as 1519. Originally spelt Blewfields, it is felt that the town was named after a Dutch seaman, Abraham Blauvelt, who sailed the waters around this area more than 300 years ago.


Charity Initiatives

The support and development of our community members is multi-faceted and holistic. JAMATE seeks to encourage and involve all who are both willing and able, to join us:

About our latest initiative


KASSSI’s 5th Health Awareness Day 2015. This is a family and community affair, where professionals and clinicians share vital information on how best to prevent, detect, manage or address health care issues. Counsellors, a dietician and a nutritionist will also be on hand, addressing issues such as Healthy Eating/Living and Sexual Health.

How you can help

We appreciate that not everyone can make financial contributions, so how else can you help?

  • We want as many people to hear about our work as possible, so one of the best things you could do is to simply tell someone about our work and ask them to check out our website, ‘Like’ our Facebook page or send a tweet to our Twitter account.
  • If you’ve got a great idea for raising funds or would like some help with setting up some fundraising events – for instance – in your workplace/school or elsewhere, then please contact us!
  • Or contact one of the ‘Team‘ either by written of verbal communication to air your views.