It Takes Two

Mrs and Mr Garwood are octogenarians. When they heard about the work of KASSSI, they asked for our CEO Garth Walcott to visit them in order to ascertain a better understanding.

Once they were satisfied that our intentions were to support children and enrich rural communities, they said they wanted to make a contribution. Below, Garth recounts his experience.

Tell me More!
I felt excited when Mrs Garwood pressed an envelope into my hand and said “God bless you son.”

My excitement caused me to refuse dinner and leave quickly as I wanted to explore the contents of the envelope. On doing this, it revealed 2 x £10 notes. I later learned that this was £10 each and that it was equivalent to their weekly shopping bill. Mr and Mrs Garwood are not from Petersville. Indeed, they are not even from Jamaica…they said they are touched by the idea of children getting an opportunity to realise their dreams. Furthermore, they felt the charity’s ideas and initiatives are worthy causes.

The Garwood’s contribution is equivalent to the widows mite (Mark 13: 1-2) a sacrifice, which is much more than money, but a ringing endorsement to the charity and our plans for tomorrow.

What can I do to help out?

We appreciate that not everyone can make financial contributions, so how can you help?

1. “…” “TALK” – We want as many people to hear about our work as possible so one of the best things you could do for us is to simply tell someone about our work and ask them to check out our website, ‘Like’ our Facebook page or send a tweet to our Twitter account.

2. We’ve had read-a-thons, football events, mufti day, sponsored walks/runs, exercise-a-thon, scarves for the cause, tennis tournaments and more in the past. If you’ve got a great idea for raising funds or would like some help with setting up some fundraising events- for instance- in your workplace/school or elsewhere, then please contact us!

3. Or maybe you have some technical expertise and could help with improving/maintaining our website? All constructive comments are welcome.

4. Travelling to Jamaica soon?

As a small charity KASSSI struggle to get items to Jamaica, so maybe we’ve got something you could take! How about taking a small parcel for the charity? Something like books, soft toys, games, clothes etc. “Ask and it shall be given to you!”

If you’re visiting Jamaica for a holiday, how about taking a couple of hours to visit one of the schools that KASSSI supports. You could perhaps read with the pupils or just get talking to the teachers.

Or would you like us to arrange a meeting with our team, JAMATE whilst you’re out there?


Whichever option you choose we’ll ensure we get a collection of pictures and your thoughts on the event uploaded to KASSSI’s website for all our visitors to read about!