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The KASSSI Charity
20 Wheathill Road,
Anerley, London. SE20 7XH.

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Telephone: +44 (0)20 8778 6397
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Our Global Locations

Petersville, Jamaica
Petersville is a rural community located in eastern Westmoreland approximately 7 kilometers from Whitehouse. It is believed that this community got its name from one Mr. Peters who, in the early 1940’s, sold it to the people. There are an estimated 500 households in Petersville with an estimated population of just under 3000 persons. It is divided into eight sub-districts, namely: Cocoa Walk, Congress, Grey Hole, Kelly pond, Murray Town Red Gate, Well Road & Grand Vale. These are made up of people in the middle to lower socio- economic group.
Whitehouse, Jamaica
Whitehouse is a small fishing village located on the coast in the south east corner of the Westmoreland Parish of Jamaica. This small fishing village about 4 kilometers to the east of the parish is home to a wide range of housing spanning from basic homes to elaborate villas just to the west of Whitehouse. A large contributor to the local economy is the local fish market in Whitehouse with fresh seafood arriving early every morning from the night time fishing. Another business in the local area is ‘Sandals’ who employ a large number of Whitehouse’s residents to maintain and manage their 500 acre hotel resort.
Anerley, London
Anerley has never existed as an independent entity, but rather as a general area. Prior to the enclosure and the relocation of The Crystal Palace to Penge Place at the top of Sydenham Hill, Anerley was an unoccupied part of Penge Common, and did not develop until the 19th Century. The government Act of 1827 stipulated that a 50 feet (15 metres) wide, new road, was to be set out from Elmers End Road to what is now Church Road, Upper Norwood.