Anthony Kennedy

Anthony Kennedy volunteers for KASSSI at the Petersville All Age School. Since commencing in March 2013, he has proven to be a “tower of strength” to us says Ms. Marcia Wynter, Acting Principal at the school.

Dedicated to making a difference to community through education, Anthony is to be commended for his level of flexibility. Describing himself as an experienced educator, committed to helping individuals realise their potential and adapt to the skills they are exposed to.

Anthony’s education so far includes a Diploma in Teacher Education (Primary) and Certificate in Events Planning. These are both from the Bethlehem Moravian College and he has several other awards.

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Rohan Maye

Mr. Rohan Maye (Pictured seated in the centre) Teaches science at the New Hope school. He takes time out from his main class to volunteer for KASSSI at the Petersville All Age School. Mr. Maye is currently on sabbatical from volunteering as he is in pursuit of part two of his Bachelors Degree. He is a graduate of Mico Teachers College.

We are hopeful he will return to volunteering for KASSSI in September 2013!


Sherona Drummond

Sherona Drummond a graduate of The University of the West Indies—Mona looking for a challenging position as a Social Worker which she is convinced will allow her to develop her skills and utilize existing ones.

Since qualifying in 2011 Sherona has looked for work in Schools, Law Firms, Hospitals etc. In order to develop a further understanding in her field she thought it wise to assist in the area of volunteering with older children as so far she had only interacted at the Basic School level age of 3-6 years.

Sherona volunteers for KASSSI at the Petersville All Age School one to three days per week since November 2012 when she is not attending interviews or volunteering with the Child Development Agency.

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Mr Spence

Mr. Spence, Science Teacher at New Hope Primary Junior High School, volunteers his time whenever KASSSI takes a group of students from the Petersville School to carry out science experiments (there is not a science laboratory at Petersville).

Mr. Spence has been in the teaching profession for more than twenty years and is more than willing to give extra time to KASSSI for the benefit of the children.


Merfia Williams

Merfia Williams (Jean) joined the KASSSI team volunteering in the literacy department at the Kings Primary School. As a past student Jean expressed a particularly strong desire to help out.
Educational attainment was from the St. Elizabeth Technical High School, National Vocational Qualification (NVQJ) from the Heart Trust/ N. T. A.

Mother of teen girl and younger son, Jean sits on several school boards, loves to cook and is excellent at hand craft, crochet and needlework. She manages the community netball team and is an active member of her church choir & drama department. Most recently she helped with the planning & execution of the KASSSI drama night.


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