In the beginning..!

KASSSI is an acronym, which stands for “Ken And Sadie Student Support Initiative”.

It is the brainchild of the CEO Garth Walcott who named the charity in honour of his brother-in-law Kenneth Hensell and his wife Sadie Walcott-Hensell. This couple decided to devote their retirement to the services of children and families living in rural communities in Jamaica who are experiencing financial and emotional difficulties. Ken and Sadie were “doing a KASSSI” well before the charity’s inception in 2007 and its registration with the Charity Commission of England in July 2010. However, it was during the period of March/April 2007 and following the interment of our beloved father John Lothian Walcott aged 87 years old, that the seeds really took hold. As the family celebrated Father’s passing to another dimension, we began to hone-in on the challenges faced by the local communities. Such as: high levels of unemployment, teenage pregnancy, crime, children and adult literacy deficits. We vowed to formalise our intervention and support, and set about it in a more proactive manner.

Kings Library

In Kings Primary School for instance, this small space is used for three functions at the same time: it is a store room, a library and a sick bay for when children are unwell. Improving the infrastructure, amenities and the aspirations offered to the young will enable them to make reasoned and educated judgments and decisions as they grow; and it is with this in mind that KASSSI was formed.

We at KASSSI are doing our best to help these under-developed, rural communities – will you help us?


Our Logo: The Jamaican Hummingbird

The KASSSI logo is the national bird of Jamaica. The Jamaica Hummingbird also called the Doctor Bird or Swallow Tail Hummingbird; (Latin: Trochilus Polytmus). It is one of the most outstanding of the 320 species of hummingbirds and it lives only in Jamaica.

Trochilus Polytmus

These bird’s beautiful feathers have no counterpart in the entire bird population and they produce iridescent colours characteristic only of that family. In addition to these beautiful feathers, the mature male has two long tails which stream behind him when he flies. According to Wikipedia, “the next-to-outermost feather on each side of the male’s tail is six or seven inches long, far longer than its bearer’s back. Trailing behind the flying hummingbird like thin black streamers, these feathers make a humming sound.”

The origin of the name ‘Doctor-Bird’ is somewhat unsettled. It has been said that the name was given because the black crest and tails resemble the top hat and long tail coats doctors used to wear in days of old.


  • In the community of Whitehouse, Westmoreland, Jamaica, there was an educated but unemployed 23 year old youth named Anthony Kennedy. Having applied to institutions with a willingness to relocate for the correct position, but failed to acquire one. After a year not having any success, I decided that volunteering would still allow me to have Continue Reading

    Anthony Kennedy, Kings Primary School
  • September 1, 2014 Re: KASSSI Children’s Charity Progress Report 2014. It has been tried and proven that breakfast is the most essential meal of the day. Breakfast breaks the night’s fast and gets the body in motion for the days activities; making it ready to work. In days gone by, teachers have noticed that most Continue Reading

    Janice Bowes-Wellington, KASSSI Children's Charity Progress Report
  • Tasia Wallace (Ms) Long Hill District, Whitehouse P.O, Westmoreland. February 15, 2014. To the members of KASSSI, This letter serves to inform you of how appreciative I am of the laptop that was donated to me. It has really impacted on my life and has helped profoundly in my studies. Receiving this laptop has also Continue Reading

    Tasia Wallace, Deloitte Laptop Donation
  • Parents, teachers, students and well wishers I greet you all on behalf of the KASSSI family. Ken And Sadie Student Support better known by the Acronym (KASSSI). Founded in July 2007 by the Walcott family, its aim is to stimulate educational aspiration of families and individuals whose potential is limited by financial hardship and Continue Reading

    Kenton Wright, KASSSI Reading Program Speech
  • A letter from Pennie Tomlison in September 2009 addressed to KASSSI member Sadie Walcott Hensell after hearing of KASSSI’s work: Dear Ms Sadie, It was a pleasure meeting you earlier at your home and then again during the word-day at the Health Fair. Let me briefly introduce myself.  My name is Pennie Tomlinson, I am Continue Reading

    Pennie Tomlison, Volunteer